Liat Bergman-Ravid, Adv.


Liat Bergman-Ravid specializes in litigation, particularly in media litigation, including defamation, privacy law, copyright and internet law. Liat has unique experience in implementing the legal practices on  the rapidly changing digital world.

Liat is fluent in legal English, and has great experience in cross-border international litigation. Liat specializes in making local laws accessible to foreign clients.

Throughout her years as a litigating attorney in Israel’s top firms, Liat dealt with versatile civil litigation, representing many clients, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in claims before Israel’s various courts and tribunals. She represents clients in tort claims, medical malpractice claims, commercial litigation, administrative claims, procedures before Israel’s High Court of Justice, gag orders, injunction reliefs and restraining orders.

Liat represents clients in administrative claims and before the High Court of Justice, in the energy, infrastructure and environmental fields, and claims involving municipalities.

Liat represents key players in the media field in Israel, including newspapers, leading websites, production companies, broadcast entities, news companies, research programs, cinema, television, stage productions etc.

During her career, Liat acquired experience in commercial law, with a special expertise in media related agreements such as cinema production and investment agreements, artists, composers and performers agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policies for websites etc. Liat specializes in tailoring the contractual surroundings of each production, according to its needs, and provides comprehensive services and consulting to the entirety of the aspects of productions and publications, including pre-publication consult and guidance.

As part of the legal services Liat provides, she consults commercial companies in various industries in fields relevant to the nature of their activity, and has knowledge in diverse legal areas and multiple disciplines such as antitrust, consumer protection laws, communication and media regulation, criminal law, white-collar offenses and many others.

Liat also consults on the duties applying to providers of business services under the Prohibition on Money Laundering Laws (KYC obligations).

Prior to joining Klein & Co, Liat served as a legal counsel at the NMC entertainment group. Beforehand, she was a senior associate at Gross & co (GKH) where she dealt with white-collar offenses and served as legal counsel to N12 news company. Liat started her legal career as an intern, and then attorney at Lieblich – Moser Advocates. 

Liat’s great experience and acquittance with the media field started with her enlisting to the Israeli Defense Force Radio and serving as a producer in the news department, following which she worked for various media companies as a producer and news editor.


Tel Aviv University (LLB 2008)

Bar Association

Israel Bar Association, 2009


Hebrew, English